Light weight Fibreglass CUP H 52,68,85 cm

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    • SIZE 3:W 30 X H53 cm - 11 PCS LEFT
    • SIZE 2:W 40 X H68 cm - 11 PCS LEFT
    • SIZE 1:W 50 X H85 cm - 11 PCS LEFT
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LIGHT WEIGHT fibreglass POTS or ponds

Best suited to light domestic ,Interior , exterior  and commercial applications.
Fibreglass planters pots weigh up to 70 percent less than ceramic and are hand-made from high-quality  being a mixture of poly resin  , with finely attuned mineral admixtures along with fibre glass mat to strengthen the body and connect the layers
Select from a range of large garden pots, bowls, troughs and cubes made to withstand weather extremes. Potting mix as a planting medium is exclusively recommended for use in this product
Finishes may vary in appearance from those shown in pictures.

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